GPS Vehicle Location Management System

DoCoMAP has no limit on the number of IDs that can be used, so multiple locations and multiple people can log in to the system at the same time.

Main Features
Easy to use system

Use familiar Google Maps features directly on DoCoMAP such as traffic information and Street View. In addition, it is possible to display vehicle route together with a graph that shows vehicle speed and time, and very easily retrieve vehicle data history of up to a year.

Sub-account feature

The sub-account feature allows for location tracking of vehicles of other partner companies. In order to use this feature, it is necessary to give a browsing ID to companies that would like to share their vehicle location data.

▲By registering the accounts of partner companies as sub-accounts, the vehicle location information of multiple companies can be displayed simultaneously on DoCoMAP.

Check vehicle route

Check driving history of a vehicle by simply clicking the vehicle icon. Additionally, you can easily continuous driving time and rest time on the graph.

Compare routes of multiple vehicles

This function is useful for reviewing and optimizing delivery routes, and can display the routes of up to 5 vehicles.

Street view

Get more information about the driver's location. Additionally, street view can be accessed from the vehicle's route.

Time machine feature

Viewing past vehicle position information instantly allows for quick response to complaints

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