Product Information

docomap Eye
Communication-type Drive Recorder

Main Features
Dangerous Driving Behavior Detection

Using DoCoMAP, it is now possible to prevent safety-related incidents and detect accidents.

This is due to the accurate speed detection of the G-sensor, gyroscope and vehicle speed pulse in docomap Eye.

Save recorded incidents

docomap Eye automatically uploads 20 seconds of video and audio to the cloud when sharp turns, sudden acceleration/deceleration, or collision is detected (12 seconds before the detection, and 8 seconds after). You can view the uploaded video at any time from the DoCoMAP screen.

Notification feature

When docomap Eye detects dangerous behavior, it can immediately notify the administrator by LINE / WowTalk or email. This makes it possible to manage the safety of the fleet’s crew in real time.

We will notify you when dangerous driving is detected. In addition, clicking on the URL on the notification screen will allow you to see more details.
You can view the record video of the incident on docomap VIEW.
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