Communication-type Digital Tachograph
Main Features
Front Camera Standard Equipment

A front camera capable of recording continuously for approximately 80 hours* comes standard, and up to three additional cameras can be linked as an option.

*This is the recording time for one camera. Please contact CENTLESS for details.

Dangerous Driving Behavior Detection

Accurate speed detection by the G sensor and vehicle speed pulse installed in the OCTLINK terminal enables viewing of hazardous behaviors such as "sudden deceleration", "sudden acceleration", "sudden turn", and "speed monitoring. In addition, when a camera is linked, videos of dangerous behavior can be viewed on DoCoMAP at any time.

Safe Driving Rating (Score)

Analyzes and reports driver's safe and eco-friendly driving. It can also be used as a communication tool with drivers, as it shows their current driving level and driving improvement status at a glance.

Automatic report generation

Various reports are automatically generated based on the data acquired by the digital tachograph. The following reports are automatically generated: daily driving report, detailed crew member work performance chart, crew member labor performance, improvement standards notification, detailed operation performance by vehicle, vehicle operation performance table, safe driving report, safe driving performance, safe driving score, and list of fuel consumption.

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