docomap PLUS
DoCoMAP-linked Drive Status Recording App
Recommended Usage
Main Features
Record and manage the status of vehicle operations

By linking with DoCoMAP, docomap PLUS can record and manage the status of operations and link it with vehicle location information in the cloud in real time.

The app has a fully customizable menu that allows the administrator to freely design and set everything such as the information to be recorded and the number and arrangement of buttons to be set, so that it can be used not only in the transportation industry but also in other industries.

In addition, docomap PLUS is equipped with a function that can automatically create daily reports from the information recorded by the driver, which reduces the driver's clerical work and makes it possible to digitize and visualize the daily report.

Supports changing vehicles
The app supports operating multiple vehicles in a single day's work.
Supports two-driver operations
It also supports two drivers being in one vehicle.
Messenger system

Administrators can send messages directly to drivers from DoCoMAP. And even if the driver is busy driving or doing other work, the app can read messages out loud to the driver.

Temperature management Option

With T&D's TR41 (Ondotori Jr) thermometer, temperature control can be monitored, recorded, and saved in real time. Temperature status can also be checked on DoCoMAP. Additionally, if the temperature exceeds the set value, the app will warn the driver and the administrator will receive an email notification. This incident will also be reflected in the daily report.

Alcohol test and roll call Option

Testing drivers for alcohol consumption can be done with Toyo Mark’s alcohol detector. The timing of the tests can be set arbitrarily, and if alcohol is detected, the administrator will be notified. In addition, the detection results are recorded in daily reports and roll calls.

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