You can download it on Google Play or the App Store from the buttons above.
※ Android version must be 5 or above.
※ For the best experience please use the latest version of Android System Webview.

Easy GPS Tracking and Management Solution

Just install the docomap GO app on your phone, create an account and turn it on to start tracking.

Just log in and your location history along with other useful data is at your fingertips.

Our app allows people such as managers or moderators to easily manage and track their vehicles. Providing greater transparency and real-time information on progress. Which in turn leads to a smoother workflow.


Designed with the Transportation and Logistics Industry in mind

But can also be used for general location purposes such as for cars, buses, bicycles and people.

We have included many adjustable settings for your convenience. Such as, different location time intervals* (how long before it sends the next location) and voice assistant features.

Real-time Management of Vehicles

Easy management of vehicle vitals through our website.
With alerts when abnormal states are detected.


Free forever for a single vehicle!
Note: You will have access to the most recent 30 days of your location history on lite (free) accounts.

Upgrade to Group to remove the vehicle limit and unlock even more features!


Each month you will pay a Group License fee of ¥1,628 and ¥550 per vehicle. (Tax inclusive)
If you add more vehicles you will just have to pay ¥500 more per vehicle.
(When you authorize/deauthorize vehicles the cost is calculated pro rata. So if you add it in the middle of the month you won't pay the full ¥500)

Location History

Location data up to one year is saved for your convenience.
When on the lite plan location history is still saved. When you upgrade to Group you will have full access to your saved location history.


Keep an eye on how your vehicles are doing by connecting your docomap GO app to these supported bluetooth devices:

No Vehicle Limits

The 1 vehicle limit will be removed. You will just need to pay for each new vehicle that you authorize (through our website).
You can also easily deauthorize vehicles that are no longer being used.

Service Information

Users of the app (drivers) can use our service/run feature to log what they are currently doing.
Whether it's loading a vehicle, having a break, or finishing their run for the day.

* Time interval setting only available on Android.