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What can I do with DoCoMAP?

You can check real-time vehicle location information, track routes, and view vehicle speed on a graph. There are various functions such as a time machine that allows you to view past vehicle positions, vehicle search with a multitude of filters, and area notification that notifies you of the entry and exit of vehicles to and from a predefined area, all with no additonal charges. You can even use Google Maps Street View directly, or search for the current address of a vehicle.

What vehicles can be linked to DoCoMAP?

Vehicles that use Hino Connected Truck and FUSO Telematics Service can be linked to docomap Vehicle.

Please visit Connected Truck supported vehicles and Telematics Service supported vehicles for more information.

How long does it take to start the service after applying?

If all the required documents are ready, it'll take at least 5 days.

Please visit Link with Hino Motors and Link with Mitsubishi FUSO for more information.

Is there a contract period?

No, there is no contract period. You can start and end the contract anytime.

※ Regarding the monthly service fee, we don't calculate service usage on a daily basis.

I'd like to start using the docomap Vehicle service. What should I do?

You'll need a docomap Vehicle contract.

Please visit Link with Hino Motors and Link with Mitsubishi FUSO to check the requirements and apply.

I'd like to cancel my docomap Vehicle service. What should I do?

Please contact customer support and inform them of the vehicles you'd like to end service and your requested last day of service.

※ To cancel within the current month, please do so by the 25th. Canceling after the 25th will move your cancellation to the next month.

Is there a limit to the number of vehicles I can link?

No, there is no limit.

A service usage fee of 1,180 Yen (tax excluded/basic plan) per linked vehicle will be charged.

※ Some vehicles may have a different usage fee. Please visit this page for more details.

I'd like to link the service with a Hino Motors vehicle, but I can't find the required letter of consent form.

Please contact the Hino dealer where you purchased the vehicle.

※ If the form is an individual consent form, a form is required for each vehicle you apply for.

What are the monthly fees?

docomap GPS: 1,958 Yen per device (tax included)

docomap Eye (Single camera / Dual camera communication-type drive recorder): 2,728 Yen per device (tax included)

Is payment by invoice possible?

Payment is made by bank transfer.

Do you give discounts for large numbers of contracts?

Sorry, we don't offer discounts based on the number of contracts.

Are there any initial costs?

Although there are no initial fees for the use of the GPS device, there is a need to purchase a dedicated charger with a surge protector for 1,408 Yen (tax included). If you use the optional female socket, you can purchase it for 935 Yen (tax included) per unit.

docomap Eye (communication-type drive recorder): The device must be purchased.

※Please contact us for a quote for more information.

※If two cameras are used, a sub-camera for indoor use must be purchased separately.

※docomap Eye has been selected by the Japan Trucking Association and all prefectural truck associations as a product eligible for subsidy. For more information on how to apply for a subsidy, please contact your prefectural truck association.

How do you use the female socket?

By supplying power directly from the battery using a female socket, vehicle location data will always be tracked regardless of whether the engine is on or off. You can also prevent it from being accidentally removed by installing it inside the dashboard.

Is there a charge for internet data?

Data fees are included in the monthly fee.

Is there any installation work that is necessary?

docomap GPS: No installation work necessary

All that is necessary is to plug the device into the vehicle's power socket. However, if you would like to install it directly from the battery using a female socket, installation work is required.

docomap Eye (communication type driver recorder): Installation work is necessary

※If two cameras are used, the installation location is inside the vehicle.

Can I ask docomap JAPAN to install our devices?

Customers need to install devices by themselves.

Do I need special hardware or software to manage information on DoCoMAP?

Nothing is needed except for a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet browser.

How do I subscribe to the service?

You can apply through the website by clicking on the links below.

How long does it take to receive the devices?

We will contact you regarding how soon you can receive the devices.

What is the minimum number of vehicles needed to subscribe?

You can place an order for devices and subscribe to our service for just one vehicle.

Is there a minimum period for subscriptions?

docomap GPS: Minimum rental contract of 2 years

docomap Eye (communication-type drive recorder): Minimum contract of 1 year of service

Unless otherwise requested, the contract will be automatically renewed after expiration.

※If the contract is canceled in the middle of the contract period, a cancellation fee will be charged. For details, please visit the links below.

How often is location data sent from the device?

docomap GPS2.0 (GPS device): Once every 20 seconds

docomap Eye (communication-type drive recorder): Once every 12 seconds

Is it possible to login from multiple computers at the same time?

Yes. There is no limit to how many computers you can be logged into at the same time.

Can another administrator account be added?

An administrator user account can be added for free. It is also possible to create a read-only user account that does not have control over vehicles or users. Since this particular user account can be restricted from viewing certain information, it can be used by people other than the administrator in the company, or it can be used for customers of business partners. There is no limit for the number of either administrator accounts or viewer accounts.

Can location information be viewed from devices other than a computer?

Yes, it can be viewed from a mobile app, docomap VIEW, or from the web browser of a smartphone or tablet. On docomap VIEW, you can view location information immediately after the app starts, with the app using your location as the map's center, without having to log in again after logging in when using the app for the first time.

Is it possible to generate daily reports?

By linking the smartphone app to a DoCoMAP account, users with docomap GPS and docomap Eye will be able to have driving status recorded. Since the recorded data is saved in the cloud, the administrator can easily create a daily report automatically from a computer.

How much do the smartphone apps cost?

Customers using DoCoMAP can use both docomap PLUS and docomap VIEW for free.

When is video uploaded to DoCoMAP?

When a dangerous driving event (other than speeding) is detected, a video from 12 seconds before the event to 8 seconds after the event is automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be viewed on DoCoMAP together with the vehicle's route. Also, if you click on the "Record Current Status" icon from the administrator screen, the current camera feed will be uploaded.

Can video from a vehicle be viewed immediately after a dangerous driving event is detected?

You will receive notifications via e-mail, LINE, and Wowtalk immediately when a dangerous driving event occurs, and clicking on the link in the notification will let you view the event.

Can docomap Eye be used as a digital tachograph?

docomap Eye cannot be used as a digital tachograph because it cannot record data such as engine revolutions and driving status into a memory card.

Where can I buy the breathalyzer?

docomap JAPAN does not sell breathalyzers. To purchase a breathalyzer, please visit this page.

Is one ID required per person?

One ID is provided per user. Multiple users cannot share an ID.

Is the monthly fee 330 yen?

Yes. The fee is 330 yen per ID.

How much is the breathalyzer?

docomap JAPAN does not sell breathalyzers. Please visit this page for more information.

I'd like to use FUGO GO with your vehicle location management system. Is this possible?

The breathalyzer does not have GPS functionality, so it cannot be use to track vehicle location. To use our vehicle location management system, you'll need to use our GPS or Eye device.

I'd like to link breathalyzer to docomap PLUS.

FUGO GO cannot be linked to docomap PLUS. If you'd like to do so, please purchase a Toyo Mark breathalyzer and get in touch with docomap JAPAN customer support.